The UE Boombox sounds exciting at moderate volumes—like something you might want to crank up to power your next party. Also shop in Also shop in. Move over, Amazon Echo and Google Home. I do wish there was a USB port to siphon some of that battery power to phones and iPods, but since your phone doesn’t need to be connected to the device, it can just charge somewhere across the room. But this wireless speaker suffers from distortion at top volumes, and at this price, that shouldn’t happen. Review by Nic Vargus. That’s over two hours longer than advertised battery.

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Doubles ue boombox a speakerphone: The added low-end doesn’t do wonders for tracks like John Adams “The Chairman Ie which doesn’t sound awful on the UE Boombox, but does have moments of slightly comical exaggerations of the deeper bass percussion.

Distorts on deep bass tracks at top volumes. Related Reviews Amazon Echo View All 4 Photos in Gallery.

Browse Related Browse Ur. I put it through the long drive ue boombox after my car deck was stolen and it filled the car with music over even the loudest roads.

Logitech UE Boombox Review – IGN

Especially since the UE Ue boombox is just about as gorgeous and sounds as good. In many eu Jawbone’s Jambox was the pioneer of stylish Bluetooth speakers, and many have rushed to compete, and just as many have ue boombox flat.


Good sound with a small footprint. Luckily, the extra bass generally sounds more powerful than muddy. It’s also portable and packs quite a punch for its size, with a markedly boosted low-end response. Quality boo,box audio performance at ue boombox volumes. Ue boombox pairs with up to eight Bluetooth devices.

This page was last updated: That makes its issues at higher volumes all the more frustrating.

Logitech UE Boombox Specs – CNET

There’s not a whole lot of sub-bass ue boombox here, but the lows and low-mids are quite boosted. This speaker d oubles as ue boombox speakerphone for hands-free phone calls. Bboombox put this speaker through its paces, carrying it around boomobx and parks and I can honestly say that it’s one of the few portable speakers I’ve ever used that I didn’t mind carrying around.

Design and features Most users won’t even recognize Logitech’s hand in the Boombox’s design; the only branding on the speaker is a small UE logo on ue boombox front grille.

Election security is a mess, and the cleanup won’t arrive by the midterms. Holds charge and works well. Performance Audiophiles expecting a balanced ue boombox response will probably uw to look elsewhere—as mentioned above, the Logitech UE Boombox delivers a seriously bass-heavy experience.


When the volume isn’t maxed out, the UE Boombox bookbox a nice job balancing the highs and mids ue boombox the low-end thump ue boombox tracks like “Default,” the new single from Thom Yorke’s side band, Atoms for Peace.

Ue boombox Speaker System Z It can pair up to eight devices three of which can be connected at the same time. Behind the speaker grille, two 0.

Logitech UE Boombox

This speaker works perfectly. Inside the Boombox are two tweeters, two woofers, and four passive radiators. Best Speakers for Item must be in original condition it was received not used or altered in ue boombox way with original box and accessories. In fact, Logitech’s spokesperson told me that the team borrowed heavily from Braun designer Deiter Ue boombox and his 10 principles of good design that stress a clear order and pragmatism.

How to Clone a Hard Drive.

Logitech Z Bluetooth Speakers. On the ue boombox side, you’ll find two large volume buttons with clearly marked positive and negative symbols to denote intensity.