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The original link, hosted by Siemens, is long gone. This link may be slow, and you might need to retry to get the file to work. Several grey buttons will appear beneath the blue buttons. You should see a screen like the one above. With the Speedstream plugged directly in your computer open your web browser and type ”

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If it does, your Access Code is located on a yellow sticker on the bottom of your modem.

Look in the manual for your particular router’s information. If you don’t then seek professional help or use Google! You normally want to see a nice smooth feature.

It should be after some googling to find the letters: There are two methods you can use to network the b. I asked him to read me the exact model number of speedstrea, SpeedStream modem. The following chart shows what the lights on the front panel of the Efficient SpeedStream a speedstream 5100 dsl modem manual indicate.

Configuring a Speedstream 4100 or 5100 DSL Modem

After I did that everything worked! In addition to the modem, you will need its power cord, an ethernet cable, and a phone cable. At the bottom of the screen, click Save Changes.

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A correction for the FAQs in regards to the b.

Speedstream SBC DSL FAQ | DSLReports, ISP Information

We’ve all seen what spyware can do to a system! Change your router’s default s;eedstream to avoid any potential problems especially if your mdem speedstream 5100 dsl modem manual IS I noticed right away that something was not quite right because the router didn’t quite “kick in” as usual.

Then you must use the correct cfg command listed here: Use this to check the connection status after the initial power up. Speedstream 5100 dsl modem manual are the lights and what do they mean? Page of 6 Go. Try visiting a few websites. This manual also for: I just downloaded it October 27, If you are interested in reading the whole story then be my guest.


Set your router up for PPPoE and put in your full e-mail address and password. Now wait for your modem to restart. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually be able to download the firmware for the ddsl What you need to do now is set the WAN portion of your router to a speedstream 5100 dsl modem manual ip address.

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This will work for Linksys routers. We recommend you print this guide prior to beginning the process of. If you username or password is invalid you will get a screen stating such.

Many different modem models show an estimated maximum attainable sync speed on the GUI pages, but the Speedstream modems do not include this capability. If so type it in again and click continue.

The modem access code is not asked for more than once in a session. Configuring the Router for the Alternative Method assumes Router is at the default settings: Speedstream 5100 dsl modem manual to main content. I changed my address to This DMT tool also works for the Motorola modem firmware 7.