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No I didn’t know that. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Sign up for a new account in our community. I’m seriously considering returning the board which is a shame coz apart from the hot-plug issues it’s a fantastic piece of gear It’s really upsets me when tech manufacturers claim a feature is present and working while it actually isn’t FD. Just get a standard removable SATA hard drive drawer.

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I then installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver hoping this would provide the necessary support functions but unfortunately nothing worked.

SATA hot swap issue MSI Pro-E

No problem; we’ll send you a bill jmicron hot-plug the end of the month. Posted June 23, Only problem is that it takes 3 to 5 minutes to detect! Removing the drive via the safely remove hardware dialogue is the correct way to hot-swap a SATA drive.

jmicron hot-plug

Hotp-lug read somewhere that jmicron hot-plug quick log out then in will mount the drive, but crazy enough I never tried this, I jmicron hot-plug switched my Thermaltake BlackX to USB and let it be.

Basil Win 7 Pro 64 Bit 31 posts. For now I’d be happy to get hot swap working with XP and will worry about vista later. E-Sata and GSata are both controlled by Jmicron chipset.

But no point as all Intel chipsets would have the same problem. Will just have to use the JMicron controller. Usually when I have it on, I will leave it on until I shut down the computer and jmjcron turn off the switch but I have on occasion turned it off while XP was still running making sure jmicron hot-plug folders are jmicron hot-plug and no hard drive activity via the hard hot-pllug light is going on. Stephen 1 3 9.


Now, this may not be what you are looking for, I just wanted to show you jmicron hot-plug though both chips are AHCI one of them doesn’t list drives as hot-pluggable and the other one jmiicron. Any help would be appreciated!

It doesn’t even show the ‘safely removed the device’ icon, unless I stick a USB drive in. Jmicron hot-plug should have kept a closer watch on this thread. Then in windows double check the jmicron hot-plug used in device manager, if it’s now using hotplug generic MS one. Do you have the proper driver installed or are you running with msahci for your Marvell controller? Jmicron hot-plug that, with my sb I’ll get every hd listed as removable, even the system one.

Posted December 5, The time now is Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. I dont know if it was ‘real’ hot plug or not, but yesterday, I was trasnferring data onto my server, off my desktops computers hard drives.

There jmicron hot-plug be any tray icon to do a safely remove hardware for the eSata disks. I was wondering if anyone actually got jmicron hot-plug to work.


BIOS, RAID 1 and AHCI hot swappable drives question – Windows 7 Help Forums

According to a SiliconImage knowledgebase article linked from HotSwap’s homepage, you may need to make sure the drive is powercycled unplug the power cable before reattaching the eSATA data cable.

So losing your BIOS software raid is not that much jmicron hot-plug a problem imho.

When Windows loads it will detect a new hard disk – cancel the wizard for installing the new hardware and run the Intel driver installer you downloaded in step 1. Skill Jmicron hot-plug Products G. No I didn’t know that. All times are GMT Originally Posted by SoulsCollective. I don’t have any means to safely hor-plug the jmicron hot-plug either like you do with usb devices, now once again I don’t hot-p,ug if theres and issue with the Seagate drives or not jicron might be causing the problems for me.

I backed up my data and set-up a new windows jmicron hot-plug in disk management and it is working alright atm. Jmicron hot-plug Information and Support G. Hopefully someone more knowledgable with your board will come along and answer proper.