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Features Supports 3D animations. Just press OK, setup will continue and bully will be installed. You obviously have a higher wersion of directx on your PC as you say, so you don’t really need to install it, but the bully setup is so built that it will try to execute the directx setup before it begins installation. Leave this field empty. This version is the download of the redistributable version. What Windows version you running?

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Thank you so much. Allows graphics operations and coordination. The directX9 installation files are not complete. Windows library needed by other programs. If you’re wanting an even newer version, DirectX 10 is also souns. Originally posted by Capt.

Microsoft recommends you install a download manager. This thread is locked. The fix I found is to download an up-to-date DirectX 9.

Whenever I do, I’m getting the error message saying directx 9 video card required. See how to enable scripts. It is directx 9 compatible sound video you seek a second opinion and communicate with previous users to make an informed decision. Installing this program will have a positive impact on applications and games regarding: The solution to this is as follows: For Windows XP, download it here.


Thanks for marking this as the answer. How can I ensure my DirectX compatibl graphics drivers are working correctly? DirectX 9 requires a compatible directx 9 compatible sound video card in order to run computer-aided design programs. Tell us about your experience with our site. Start a New Discussion. Has anyone figured out how dierctx fix this for the Steam version of the game?

DirectX 9.0c

Make sure that you get the correct drivers by searching for the specific model number of your computer. That means it may be included in software packages or just simply used freely by anyone wishing to update their DirectX version on Windows XP or Windows 7 bit.

Enhances visual graphic presentation. Right click on the display driver and select Update driver software.

DirectX 9 / 9.0

Yeah, that was the fix I mentioned in my first post. Scholarship Edition Store Page. Ensure your computer meets the requirements for video calling. Arvind Created on November 17, Manage all your internet downloads with this easy-to-use manager. Why should I install the Microsoft Download Manager?


Download DirectX c End-User Runtime from Official Microsoft Download Center

I’m done with this game. If any errors stating the graphics card is not found or a conflict has occurred, your graphics card is not compatible with DirectX 9.

Also, I found this thread, some people figured out some fixes and detailed the steps they took. That is an unrelated but well-known bug. If it is 9. Search for Display Adapters and expand it.