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So it seems, that the specifications have changed, but the manual did not. You must delete a channel menu 28 and start from scratch. I disconnected the cable and removed the battery and felt that the metal chassis was extremely hot. No knowledge, no complaints, seller gets away with it! With second-generation Baofeng circuitry, improved audio and a dual position PTT, the UV isn’t just another dual bander, it’s a bold new Baofeng. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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Have you had any experience with the Tonfas and Anytones. Tonfa has a rather poor reputation.

BAOFENG UV-82 Dual Band Handheld Transceiver Radio Walkie Talkie

You may need to unsolder the antenna connection baofeng uv-82 the PC board. But you have some really good info here. So I set it aside to cool down and baofeng uv-82 inserted the cable again and went into the software. Have tried different cables and all the baofeng and other software I can find. I use it for example on U-v82, most if not all Chinese radios show identical sensitivity.

These tests were all done on different days, but within a week of baofeng uv-82 other. The strobe situation is new to me.


Unfortunately these batteries are still uv-28 around and sold. Below are my findings in a nutshell. The receiver is wide band so you might baofeng uv-82 some inter-mod in or around a big city. I need a baofeng uv-82 dependable radio for my ems squad and we operate on channels in the and range would the uv do that.

Baofeng UV Two Way Radio | eBay

For this you need other hardware baofeng uv-82 and higher voltage Specs are often one big bunch of lies uv-28 exaggerations.

I have its predecessor, and it appears to be indestructible. Are you scanning in memory mode or Baofeng uv-82 mode? Baofeng wont listent to an individual, i doubt we will see them use a flashchip even baofeng uv-82 it is in their interests. Now that would really ruin your day, and would draw unwanted attention of authorities from day 1.

Baofeng UV Dual Band UHF/VHF Radio

Stephen, if you do get them to update the UV firmware, ask them to add the ability to swap between channel mode and frequency mode by pressing and holding down baofeng uv-82 Menu button for say 1 second.

I still baofeng uv-82 my motorola ht and standard c and not parting with them!!! Let me know whether or not you have any interest.

Baofeng uv-82 baogeng, the UV-B5. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you want to be the good guy in the UV business, then find the time to replace the picture — or just remove it. In the link I have also read that the expanded coverage is from Do you think the harmonic suppression is something they baofegn fix over time in the same model once they start selling it e.


AM is not supported by Baofeng uv-82 radios. It would have something to baofeng uv-82 with the crystal for the L. Come on, give me a break! baofeng uv-82

When operating it with the factory rubber duckey antenna that’s will ug-82 okay. RX roger beep see menu 40 Higher power baofeng uv-82, but harmonic baofeng uv-82 suffered Improved manual, but content can still be confusing at times.

Remove remove the nuts holding on the antenna connector and volume control. The baofeng uv-82 difference is in the antenna.