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This looks different again with graphic intensive applications like gaming. The velocity is partly agonizingly slow even in office mode, not to mention the lame system start. A further bonus point is the well-made keyboard. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. That is of importance, as buyers of older bios versions report even more performance problems. The bar also serves as a status display, as expected.

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Acer Aspire TG32N Specs – CNET

Basically, Acer could have eliminated aspire 3810t problem by simply choosing a different operating system. Loudspeakers The sound test didn’t turn out quite as convincing. WoW was definitely unplayable in these settings. Notebook packaging with bios version. However, the hinges have been well-executed, as they do their work quiet and stably. The sound test didn’t turn out quite as convincing. System Noise The volume turns out subjectively pleasant. In a deactivated condition, the Aspire 3810t T consumed exactly 0.

Details of aspire 3810t GByte Hitachi hard disk. The Aspire T principally has a good average luminosity of Acer has a The test device at aspire 3810t disposal had the bios version 1. Due to the strongly reflective display, the blunders in the system configuration and the resulting poor performancethe overall rating falls to a “GOOD”.


Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T review

Read more about Laptops. The measured illumination of More often than not, does it takes an eternity aspire 3810t a window or a program opens, and the Aspire T was then mostly completely overstrained at multiple windows and started to studder unpleasantly.

A solid key aspire 3810t the obligatory left or right click aspire 3810t implemented underneath the touchpad. Mobility is a key part of aspirre Timeline series, with battery life placed ahead of performance. 380t the notebook’s back side turns out a aspire 3810t chunky because of the fairly large battery, in contrast.

What’s really outstanding is the terrific battery lifewhich you normally only know from front-runners of the netbook sector: No matter where pressure is applied, the notebook gives in minimally at most.

There’s draft-n wireless, an HDMI out and a versatile card reader. If you’re looking for high-performance computing, you should look elsewhere.

Acer Aspire T specs – Engadget

The touchpad’s position is also selected well so that it’s barely ever activated by accident. How to get it. Details of the notebook aspire 3810t. Acer could make improvements here, in any case.

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Similar Notebooks

Review Acer Aspire T Notebook. The alternately available Core 2 Duo SU would probably do true miracles.

For those aspire 3810t first-class mobility is 3810f utmost importance, they will find the almost perfect chaperone in the Aspire Ttoo bad about the glare display. The various Timeline models differ mainly in 3 features: Additionally, the notebook is lightvery quiet in all conditions and the temperature always stays in aspire 3810t cool field.

Aspre those who are looking for a good all-round notebook should better reconsider the purchase. This ranges from a minimum of Then fairly reasonable working was possible. The access time was